Searching for support in a crisis, conflict or dealing with challenging life circumstances? We all can be in a place like this from time to time. In my practice, I offer you a secure space to express your individual thoughts and feelings with me as your empathic listener. From that base of trust, we gently explore together an empowering & positive way through your inner landscape. In doing so, we strengthen your biological auto-regulation. In this unfolding process, your nervous system gets stronger and retunes its capacity for the adventure of life. You experience a sense of agency and confidence. And you gain access to a broad repertoire of resources within, empowering you forward toward your fuller potential and greater well-being.

I look forward to welcoming you to my practice in person in Cologne and I am also familiar with Zoom Online appointments. I arrange one-to-one sessions in English and German.

„I‘ve never been in such a state of relaxation in my life–it was profound, big and so healing.“
OI™ Session 2021, Henrike

With the approach of Organic Intelligence® (OI™), you will find a therapeutic space, in which we can experience mindfulness and empathetic listening in a free association conversation. From here we can explore with respect and at your own pace what occupies your system, mentally and emotionally. We will put thoughts and emotions into words and hold them tenderly. In doing so, we will gradually come into contact with your inner resources and transform old patterns.

I will accompany you on your way back to resourced empowerment.

Your concerns, worries and fears soften and ease. In my practice, you will experience how crises are opportunities to change “dead-locked situations.” Traumas and difficulties are an opportunity to re enable unintegrated resources. Magically—when we touch and change our systems—healing space will arise organically and choice is birthed. Clients find a rhythm of taking action and taking rest in their lives that is balanced; gaining capacity and spontaneity. Once we become aware of the rich source of support arising from the body, we transform. Then, even challenging phases of life become a paradigm shift of strength and curiosity. All this richness then animates the questions: How compassionate, how relational, how empathic, how inspired toward ourselves and others, how loving, can we be?

„You need not, and in fact cannot, teach an acorn to grow into an oak tree, but when given a chance, its intrinsic potentialities will develop. Similarly, the human individual ... he will grow, substantially undiverted, toward self-realization“.

My session work with Organic Intelligence® is holistically oriented. This approach includes the latest nervous system science research–the Stephen Porges polyvagal theory and the pillars of the Rogerian principles of empathy, congruence and unconditional positive regard. At the most empowering moments, I invite you into healing somatic journeys in our coaching sessions.

When can an Organic Intelligence® Coaching Session be useful?
In life crises, psychologically stressful conflicts, demanding or confusing life choices, exhaustion, grief, hopelessness or sadness, accidents, challenges in everyday life, changing unhealthy relationship patterns, separation and partnership issues, self development, personality structure limitations, personal growth, inviting more differentiation, recognizing your greater potential.

„Under the right conditions, complex biological systems can be self-organizing.“

„The Trauma Safe™ approach with Organic Intelligence® is a positive reinforcement framework of human empowerment based on nervous system science as well as a somatic approach that works with our wondrous and complex bodies. It strives for a recalibration of our nervous systems capacity and resiliency. So we can reopen our way to experience life, relations and love in our lives more freely and spontaneously. It breaks new ground in positive psychology and grows compassion for ourselves and others, enables agency to grow and over time invite more ease into our lifes. It is working directly with naturally occurring physiological states. Not being directed but being preconceived by our biology’s own agenda under the right conditions self-organizes our systems.“ www.organicintelligence.org

Sometimes, in an Organic Intelligence® session, I suggest some Enneagram Self-Discovery Coaching to my clients that helps us to understand and secure the therapeutic healing and growth process. I work as an Enneagram informed Post-Trauma Coach. Once we have found ground out of chaos, the interweaving of the Enneagram can be a precious complementary tool.

Organic Intelligence® combined with the Enneagram helps us to take steps more easily and with curiosity to walk beyond personality patterns into greater freedom.