The Enneagram Work is a powerful Self-Development Discovery that offers us highly accurate knowledge about our unique personality structure—motivation of our behavioural tendencies, ways we perceive reality, where we can get stuck in limiting mindsets as well as about how to develop our greatest potentials. Through a professional 90 minutes Enneagram Typing Interview, I will help you discover which psychological structures might be the strongest match in the Enneagram for you. I highly recommend at least two follow-up Enneagram sessions, as I can help you understand more deeply the specific, often hidden, dynamics of your personality structure: You will start to understand why you do what you do. We celebrate your strengths and meet challenging experiences with compassion.

I look forward to welcoming you to my practice in person in Cologne and I am also familiar with Zoom Online appointments. I arrange sessions in English and German.

„Thank you very much for your great facilitation and guidance during our interview.
I am sincerely happy for anybody to have an interview with you to better understand themselves.“
Enneagram Interview 2024, Özlem

In my 90 minutes Type Interview assessment I will provide you with information about all the Nine structures which will help you to understand your own core motivation. We go at your pace, respectfully and gently exploring together the best 2 or 3 most likely Enneagram Paths you might lead with. Some personal reflection time is useful to see which of these Paths really fit for you.

Then we can meet for further learning and integration sessions of the Enneagram. The additional follow-up Sessions will give you in-depth information and understanding about your specific dynamics of your personality structure. Becoming more aware gives you powerful leverage to transform those dynamics in real practical ways in your life. We will also learn some helpful aspects of the Enneagram such as the „Centers of Intelligence“ and „Subtypes,“ an important nuance influencing your core path, and what could be your instinctual sequence, and other helpful details the insightful and accurate Enneagram abundantly offers. We tailor the sessions as you like. There is no limit to exploring further and growing yourself and your relationship with others more meaningfully. We may also find understanding and empathy regarding others in our life through the Enneagram.

„Why do I do the things I do?“

How & When could the Enneagram help me most?
Enneagram Self-Discovery helps reduce life crises, stress of choices and challenges in everyday life, unhealthy relationship patterns, partnership breakups, etc., while it increases/promotes self-development & personal growth, healthy relationship dynamics, greater differentiation and strong secure attachment patterning, and, ultimately, recognizing more your fuller potential.

Learning about the Enneagram provides helpful insight into personality patterns, which can help us value them when they serve us and soften them when they aren’t.

„You clearly have a gift in this.“

Sometimes it might be that an additional coaching with the therapeutic work of Organic Intelligence® brings great benefit to the process of the Enneagram work. I am trained to interweave both techniques with each other if needed for your growth. I work as a Post-Trauma informed Enneagram Coach.

When habitual patterns or mindset reveal themselves to us we can look at them together and experience how personality patterns unfold at the biological level, in your body. That’s where the deepest learning occurs: when we can understand our autopilot tendencies through the Enneagram and we can grow our capacities to step in new ways of being and engaging life with Organic Intelligence®. As we know, gaining understanding and insights—like through the Enneagram—can bring up challenging emotions or painful beliefs that seek to be transformed into healing opportunities and integration. This might need a space of support, tenderness or mirroring—like what Organic Intelligence® offers, it humanly supports the step of inhabiting our new self.